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What are some salon services pinup studio offers?

Nov 8


Pinup Studio offers many salon services in Raleigh, NC. Pinup Studio shares some of the most popular services and explains to customers what to expect when booking an appointment.

What are the top Quality Salon Services Pinup Studio Provides?

Pinup Studio offers high-quality salon services that will make you look and feel at the best you can. Here are some of the highlights of what we offer:

1. Hair Removal: We are experts in hair removal, and provide many different options to meet your needs. From waxing to laser removal, we have a service that will suit your needs.

2. Skin Care Our team of highly skilled dermatologists can assist you in achieving the perfect complexion. We have everything you need from professional services to natural remedies.

3. Cosmetic Services: We'll help you make the perfect makeup appearance to suit any event. From simple applications to more elaborate designs, our team of experts can help you achieve the look you want.

Pinup Studio is the place to go if you want high-quality salon services that will ensure you look and feel your best.

What can you expect when you first arrive at Pinup Studio?

If you enter Pinup Studio, you'll be met by our professional and experienced staff. We provide a range of services that can ensure that your hair looks and feel the best. We offer everything you need, from haircolor and styles to products for hair care.

Also, our skilled stylists can provide manicures, pedicures, and waxing services. With so many options available, we're sure you'll find the best solution for you. Consultations are offered prior to when you book your appointment so we can provide you with a feel for the things we could do to your hair and nails.

We hope you feel confident after visiting that Pinup Studio will be your salon to go to for all of your beauty requirements.

Pinup Studio: What's the price for an item?

Pinup Studio is a great option if you want top-quality salon services. The prices at Pinup Studio are affordable , and their services are outstanding. Here are a few of the top-quality services they provide:


Hair coloring

Hair extensions

Apps for makeup

Nail painting

There are numerous other

The top salon services provided by Pinup Studio include hair and makeup services, waxing, manicures and pedicures, and more. The cost of these services can vary depending on the work performed, but they're usually inexpensive. Pinup Studio offers a variety of services that include hair and makeup, haircuts as well as color treatments, as well as waxing.

An excellent way to ensure your appearance is perfect for any occasion is to use the makeup and hair service. Prices vary from $45 to $65 for this service. This includes the application of eyeliner, mascara or lipstick, blush (or gloss) and any additional touches that may be needed. You can also buy the haircut package which includes a hair and makeup application service for $55.

Pinup Studio also provides waxing services. Prices start at just $10 per waxing session and go up depending on the quantity of waxing is needed. Waxing is possible in many areas, including bikini line and upper lip, eyebrows/eyebrows, thighs/legs/ankles - just about everywhere!

Pinup Studio also offers manicures and pedicures. Manicures are priced at 15 dollars per treatment, plus any other add-ons (like manicures like a French manicure). Pedicures begin at $25 for a treatment for feet, as well as any additional additions.

Pinup Studio Hours and Locations

Pinup Studio offers quality salon services, including haircuts, color of hair waxing, and much many more. Salon hours are from Monday through Saturday and provides wide variety of services to select from. Pinup Studio has two locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Pinup Studio is a salon that offers top-quality services to its clients. There are two salons located in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The San Francisco location offers services that range from makeup, hair, and manicures to massage. Los Angeles offers hair, makeup, and nail services, along with massages.

You can select from the variety of services offered by the salon at different times. Salon hours are Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm. On Sundays, it is open from 11am until 5pm.

The salon accepts all major credit cards and accepts cash payment.

7400 Six Forks Rd # 7, Raleigh, NC 27615, United States