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Do you need alignment after rotating tires?

Oct 9

Proper tire maintenance starts with proper wheel alignments and tire rotations. It doesn't matter how expensive or good-looking a set of tires is; it must still be adequately maintained. There are many questions about wheel alignment and tire rotations, including when and how they affect each other. This brings us to the core question of this article. Is it necessary to align your tires after you have rotated them?

Are Rotating Tires Not Aligned?

No, you don't have to align your wheels every time you do a tire rotation. Tire rotations will not change your wheel alignment. Tire rotations are meant to balance the wear across all four wheels, so wheel alignment and tire rotations have a similar purpose.

Follow all recommended schedules for when and how to do each of them. There are no negative correlations if everything is in order with your suspension and tires. You will notice a problem with your alignment when you rotate your tires.

What is Wheel Alignment?

The wheel alignment will ensure that your wheels face the road in the right direction. This balances the car's drive and ensures all suspension components work together to maintain the car straight. Pay attention to the camber of the wheels and the toe to properly align your wheels.

Camber is a term that describes the angle at which the tire is placed against a flat piece of road. Camber can be measured by looking at the top and seeing if it is facing inwards or outwards. This will indicate whether the wheel has positive or negative camber. The car's neutral camber maximizes the tire contact area by ensuring that the top and bottom of the wheels are aligned precisely.

Toe Is an expression that describes how far the wheel is being turned inward or outwards while looking straight ahead. Toe-in and toe-out indicate that the tire is steering inwards or outwards. This is because a wheel should always face straight, and all four wheels should be parallel. Some cars may benefit from a non-neutral toe degree.

How Often Do I Need to Perform Wheel Alignment

This question has many answers. Some people say that your wheels should be aligned every few years. Others state that they should be aligned whenever you change your oil or rotate your wheels. Truth is somewhere in between. You should only align your tires if they aren't correctly aligned.

You should check your alignment every so often and pay attention to any signs that indicate misaligned wheels. Experts tire sales and services agree that wheel alignment should be performed whenever you feel your wheels aren't aligned. This usually means when your tires can withstand severe impact every few years.


If everything is in order, tire rotations and wheel alignment won't interfere with each other. You don't have to do a wheel alignment each time you rotate your tires. Tire rotations should be done every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Wheel alignment can also be performed depending on whether your wheels are out-of-whack. You can align your wheels after you have rotated your tires. However, it is not a good idea.