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Can passengers ride in a towed vehicle?

Oct 6

It's not true. But you can only ride in the back seat of a pickup truck if you buckled up. You can't ride on a tow truck if it is being pulled at a slow pace or in an emergency.


Surprisingly many states allow you to ride in your travel trailer while it is being towed. AAA reports that some states, like Idaho and Georgia, allow riders to ride in a travel trailer while it's being towed. Many Towing Companies allow you to ride in a trailer that is towed, but only if the door opens from the inside.

Why you shouldn’t ride in a trailer being town by a traveling caravan?

Motorhomes are equipped with seatbelts but a travel trailer may not have the same. The trailer's driver can crash into anything, and the passengers inside it could be hurt. The campers are not equipped with any airbags or other advanced safety features. To learn more about towing, visit Affordable and reliable towing.


Unsafe driving habits can cause serious injury to passengers in a trailer, even if the driver avoids a collision. Drivers might need to make sudden turns to avoid obstacles. Unsecured items in the trailer could collide with passengers if this happens. It can also cause injury if you push into the walls of your trailer.


Even though you might think the driver towing the trailer is a safe driver and a good person, it's impossible to predict the behavior of other drivers. A driver could hit the trailer from behind, or sideways.

You also have the possibility that the hitch might disconnect and leave the trailer on the side of the road. Even though it's unlikely, it could be dangerous if the travel trailer is disconnected at high speed. It's not worth it, even though some states allow you to ride in towed vehicles.

Some Exceptions


There are two exceptions to this rule: towed vehicles that travel under 15 mph and one for those traveling over. First, any person can tow a vehicle "in connection with a parade or farming-related activity or similar activity". Second, any passenger over 18 can ride in a tow vehicle anytime for any reason.


In an emergency, passengers may travel in a towed vehicle. The third exception allows passengers to be towed in an emergency to "avoid an imminent threat to the safety of a person due to extreme weather conditions, or another emergency situation." This is likely to prevent passengers from being left behind if their car breaks down.