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Top 3 Window Tinting Companies in Rock Hill, SC

Aug 26


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window tinting tech in rock hill applying window tint to carWhat do you find about window tints that you love? Some think that window tints are intended for aesthetic purposes and not for aesthetics, but that is not the case.

The function of window tints is the main thing to consider. Here's a list of the numerous advantages of window tinting your car:

  • The correct application of tint can lower the temperature inside your car by more than 60%..
  • Tint will protect your interior from discoloration because of exposure to ultraviolet rays that can cause damage to the interior fabric.
  • Window tints provide security because windows with tinted windows could actually help to hold glass pieces together and stop it from flying away during an accident. This helps to protect the people inside from being injured.
  • Protects you from the sun's glare and the bright headlights of an approaching vehicle.
  • From a security and privacy perspective, tinted windows can protect you by preventing a potential criminal from quickly determining the contents of your car. The majority of professional thieves are seeking targets that are quick and easy to find. The ability to go close enough to the vehicle to determine whether it's effective to target is an effective dissuader.
  • Window tints also make cars appear more stylish and trendy when out on the road.

That's it. The final verdict on window tints is in and will bring more benefits to your vehicle than you imagined.

That's why Angela and our team of reviewers called and booked appointments at every single window tinting service in Rock Hill! Our qualifications and scores were based on three things.
1. Customer service and how polite the staff was.
2. How knowledgeable the staff was as well as how clearly they communicated.
3. The quality of the window tinting job itself after it was on our vehicles for two weeks. Based on these qualifications, the list below is our top three window tinting companies in Rock Hill, SC!

AJ's Renovations Window Tinting Logo

AJ's Renovations Window Tinting

Aj's Renovations Window Tinting is a locally family-owned window tinting shop located at 1805 Stuart Carter Ave, Rock Hill, SC 29730. Originally, AJ's Renovations Window Tinting opened under the company name "Aj's Renovations, LLC" and provided drywall repair, handyman work, and construction services. AJ's Renovations, LLC closed down in June 2022, but they reopened as "Aj's Renovations Window Tinting." AJ was tired of the long hours spent working in attics and decided to close down the construction company and open a window tinting shop. As soon as we called, the staff that picked up the phone was amazing. Very kind and got us an appointment quickly! They gave us a free quote, and we were booked for that afternoon! We arrived and met AJ himself! He was very knowledgeable about the window tint products and took his time educating us. I was very impressed with how patient he was with all of our questions. They applied the window tint and I can honestly say, my car looks good! Two weeks later, we saw no bubbles, not shrinkable, and no turning of colors. The windows still looked amazing! AJ's Renovations Window Tinting is our recommendation for #1 window tinting service in Rock Hill!

AJ's Renovations Window Tinting
1805 Stuart Carter Ave, Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 370-8649


Freeman's Car Stereo

Freemans car stereo logoFreeman's Car Stereo has been open in Rock Hill for over 20 years! They sell window tint, car stereos, audio systems and more! They have a long reputation and have over 251 reviews on Google! We called to make an appointment, and unfortunately, the phone rang and rang the first time. We hung up after 20 rings and called back ten minutes later. Someone picked up after 5 rings, but was super nice. They scheduled our appointment but could only get us in three days later. When we arrived, there was a bit of confusion as we really weren't welcomed immediately, but once we were noticed, Phil, the manager, greeted us. He did a good job going over the products, at least enough to make us comfortable buying. They applied the tint and it looked great. Two weeks later, there was one single bubble that they got out for free that very day. Overall, Freeman's Car Stereo is a great place to get your windows tinted. Their customer service was satisfactory and we loved how the window tint looked on our car.

Freeman's Car Stereo
2205 Cherry Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29732
(803) 327-0288

Rock Hill Window Tinting

Not the greatest review here, unfortunately. We called Rock Hill Window Tinting and the call seemed to be forwarded to someone that worked for Jeffrey's Mobile Window Tinting. Essentially, this is a business that is named for it's searchability on Google and is a DBA of a real business that it forwards to. Jeffrey seemed irritated when I asked a few questions about their service. We scheduled an appointment for the next afternoon for him to come to my office and install the window tinting on my husband's truck. He arrived an hour late without a phone call, but was pleasant when he arrived. He really did not have a lot to say about the products, and only gave me two options, neither of which I really liked, but I wanted to rate the quality of work. I allowed him to apply the darker option he offered and, right off the bat, I could see miscuts in the tint, as if he took a razer blade to it in a fight. He redid the window instantly and quickly and it looked great after that. After two weeks, I had lots of bubbles and one window had an outline around it where the tin shrunk! When I called Jeffery back, he hung up on me and refused to return my call. All in all, I do not recommend this window tinting service.

Rock Hill Window Tinting
215 Albright Rd, Rock Hill, SC 29730
(803) 335-5472

FINAL VERDICT: AJ's Renovations Window Tinting
AJ was super nice, knowledgeable, and did a quality job on our vehicle.

Check out AJ's Renovations Window Tinting's Google Page