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How to Keep Your Car Shiny After a Ceramic Coat Job

Aug 16

One way to keep your car looking great and increase its resale values is to apply a ceramic coating. But you have to be careful not to damage the finish.

We're here to help you if you don’t know where you should start. Here are some tips on how to keep your cars shiny ceramic coating in good condition.

Routine Washing for Your Car

A routine schedule of washing your car once per week is one way to keep your coating clean. Because dirt and other contaminants can coat your finish as you drive it, this is essential to maintain its hydrophobic properties.

These contaminants must be removed as soon as possible. You can make it easy to clean your car with the right cleaning products and a hand-held wash mitt. The water will naturally evaporate when your car is dry. You can dry the car with a fan or leaf blower.

Avoid Water Spots

Water spots are another potential danger of a CQuartz ceramic coating. Water spots develop when water dries on the vehicle’s surface. Even a thorough washing will not remove mineral deposits if the problem becomes serious.

Shaded areas are best to wash your vehicle so that the water doesn't dry too quickly. Your vehicle should be taken to the decontaminator once a calendar year. This will help eliminate any impurities.

Take Care when you apply additional protection to your coating

A coating that adds additional protection can reduce some of the protective properties. The wax you use to coat a ceramic coating will give it hydrophobic characteristics. A "topper" is a way to add protection. However, any sheeting or dust attraction will be due to whatever you place on top of the coating.

Your car will look much better if you take proper care of its coating. This article will give you some helpful tips on how to maintain your car’s ceramic coating.


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