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Stockton Beach

Jul 31

About Stockton Beach

The remote and picturesque New South Wales beach town of Stockton Beach has witnessed an endless stream of disasters over many years. It is a place where ships have gone down with all hands. Planes were shot out from above during wartime exercises gone awry - even bodies washed ashore after tragedy struck at sea or on land!
In World War II this stretch became heavily fortified as Japanese forces poised themselves for another assault upon Australian soil; however there would be no triumphant return as fate would Have Another Idea.

The picturesque and pristine waters of Stockton Beach, start on the northern side of this break wall that protects Newcastle's entrance into port. The beach spans 32 kilometres (20 mi) in an approximate north-easterly direction to Anna Bay where you will find some beautiful reefs with clear blue water as well!


What to do in Stockton Beach

The beach is an incredibly popular camping area, with up to 200 campsites and 4 thousand people tents pitched along its dunes at any given time. The volume of traffic can make for some interesting situations when it comes not only considering how you'll get around but also what kind or noise pollution there might be from all these cars driving through town!

The waters off Stockton Beach form part of a larger nursery for great white sharks. The Great whites in this area seem to range from 1-3 meters long, with some reports stating they can grow as large at 4 or 5 metres! But don't worry - those who enjoy swimming and fishing here regularly say that you'll only ever see one alive close up if your lucky enough then perhaps even just once during your lifetime.
Humpback whales also frequent our shores during their annual migration season every year bringing back memories.

Stockton beack

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