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5 Ways to Keep Your Tinted Windows Clean and In Good Shape

Jul 22

It is worth hiring a San Diego window tinting company should you live in a hot area like San Diego. Tinted windows minimize glare while also protecting passengers from harmful UV Rays. They also help keep the interior of the car cooler more private and shield the upholstery from the negative effects of sunlight.


Window tinting can be maintained in various ways, but it is crucial to do it right. Misting the plasticizer onto your windows each week will keep them from becoming hard and deteriorating rapidly as time passes. This can also keep any peeling or loss from happening. Away at the security offered. If you live healthier lives but do not get much salt air exposure - spraying hairspray on the outside edges may also suffice!


Window films aren't guaranteed to last forever, but they can be maintained with care. We've compiled a list of the best methods to keep your tinted windows looking good for longer.


Wait a while before washing.

Before cleaning your car's windows, wait a few days following the window tint installation. You are more likely to see bubbles when cleaning window tints once they've completely dried.


Stay clear of cleaners that contain abrasive chemicals.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning products when cleaning windows with tints. The chemicals used in these products could degrade or color the tinting material. Window tinting shouldn't be cleaned using common household cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. Instead, you can use soap and water to clean these areas nicely again.


Make sure that your tints are dry to the touch.

Window tinting is a great method to block sunlight, but you must also maintain your windows. Regularly cleaning these surfaces with soap and warm water will help prevent smudges or other dirt from sticking to the windowsills of your vehicle!

This protection measure will work best if you visit your reliable San Diego tinting technician monthly. They can inspect any possible issues and provide recommendations to prevent them from becoming major problems in the future. In case you have questions being aware of how much attention needs to go into maintaining specific kinds of auto glass guarantees its safe usage all year round. After your window tints have been cleaned and washed, you must dry them thoroughly. If water residue remains on the glass, the color might not stick to the glass.


Clean using Soft Cloths

To prevent scratching the tint of your windows when cleaning or rubbing them, make sure you employ microfiber cloths. If you rub the cloth around the edges, the tint may come out using a rougher cloth or towel. Using soft towels to clean your window tinting can also minimize the chance of scratching.


You should be aware of flaws in window tint.

If you see wrinkles, bubbles, or any other type of defect within your window film, examine them regularly. Utilizing a credit card, or a squeegee, remove them and smooth away the damaged area's surface.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to tinting, you'll need the San Diego window tinting expert's experience. It is crucial to keep the exterior integrity of your vehicle by using an anti-reflective treatment. This will help you maintain its value and appeal for a long time.


If you take care of your windows and follow our guidelines, the tint of your car will last the life of the car. Before applying tints to your vehicle's windows, be cautious to be aware of your state's regulations on tinting.

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