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The Most Common Heating and Cooling Problems

Mar 28


Most common issues with heating and cooling are fixable with a bit of adjustments and cleaning. But, there are some that can turn into serious problems if they aren't taken care of promptly. They are among the most prevalent problems with heating as well as air conditioning.If you experience any of the following issues, you likely need heating air conditioner repair.

  • Filters with dirty filters

Filters that are dirty are among the biggest problems with air conditioners and heat pumps. The filter regulates airflow, allowing the unit to operate effectively. The filter can hinder airflow and lower the unit's performance if it isn't cleaned regularly. In the long-term, this can lead to an increase in money and time, as well as the loss of comfort.

Cleaning your filter doesn't need to engage a professional. Filters are cleaned at the home. If you have central air conditioning, the filter could require replacement. There is a manual on how to replace filters. They should be replaced at least every couple of months.


  • Air leakage

If the issue isn't related to the air filter, it's usually due to the window seals. The seals wear out over time , allowing air in. This can alter the efficiency of the unit, permitting air to escape and putting put pressure on the system. Ask the guy in the shop where you purchased the sealant material for advice.


  • Heat pump icing

It's not uncommon for heat pumps to be covered in white frost during the winter. This could be a problem when the entire unit is covered with ice. If the coils of your heat pump are blocked with ice, it won't be able to transfer heat as effectively. This can damage the outdoor coils, fan blades and ultimately the compressor.

This issue could require professional HVAC maintenance. Take the ice off your pump's top and shut it off to avoid any further harm. Do not pick at the ice using a sharp object.


  • Water Leaks

Air conditioners and furnaces that are high-efficiency produce condensate. They come with drain pipes that can take out the water. If drain pipes get blocked or cracked the water may leak out of your AC or furnace.

It is possible to keep bleach clean and clear of clogs by running bleach through drain lines. However, expert HVAC technicians warn that not clogged drain lines cause the water to leak. The leaks may result from an exchanger drain plate, collector box or evaporator issue. AC professionals can inspect your house and pinpoint the cause of the water leak.


  • The condenser does not run

Sometimes, the unit may not start due to the condenser not operating. Problems could include no power or thermostat settings that are too high, or a malfunctioning component within the system. Before calling for help from a professional it is crucial to examine blown fuse as well as circuit breakers that trip. Try setting the thermostat lower to see if this helps. If the problem persists, it could be an issue with your motor or compressor. If this happens, you should call professional help. Don't try any other quick solutions that are available online, because you could damage your system.


  • The unit doesn't have enough cool/heat.

The device could be too small, and the heating or cooling isn't functioning properly. You could also have dirty thermostats or an over-heated evaporator. You might need to examine the condenser, if it isn't cooling at all. Clean the fins and coils if they are dirty. This could cause an obstruction within the condenser unit. Low refrigerant, a faulty compressor, or any other issue could result in cooling or heating issues. Professional help is the best option for these and other issues.



You can repair some heating and cooling problems by yourself. But, it's essential to be on top of your maintenance. These problems can be detected and repaired quickly with regular maintenance.

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