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Are Party Bus Rentals Worth It in Bewdley?

Jan 2

If you are planning on throwing a big birthday bash or an important business event, one of your concerns will be how much is a party bus worth? The price of a party bus can range from very expensive to downright cheap. A party bus can be the difference between attracting a lot of attention and keeping people on the edge of their seats at your next big party. In order to determine what the price of a party bus will end up being, you will need to consider several factors including what type of event you are planning on having and how many people you intend on inviting. For more information visit

A party bus can be one of the most popular options for anyone wanting to throw a big event. A party bus is essentially a large luxurious vehicle usually based on a private bus or coach, but customised and altered to carry as many people as possible for fun and recreational purposes. Generally party buses will contain several bars, dance poles and music systems. While party buses are nice they can also come with several amenities that are not so attractive such as TVs, televisions, a pool table or gaming systems. Typically most people who choose a party bus rental will add these extras for the convenience.

Another factor you may want to consider when asking "are party buses worth it?" is the price of the vehicle itself. The average party bus can cost anywhere from two hundred fifty to eight hundred dollars depending on what specific features you want included. While it would be unrealistic to have a vehicle cost no more than four hundred dollars, you do have to consider the overall cost of using a limousine rather than a regular car when determining if this alternative mode of transportation is right for you.

Private charters tend to be less expensive and may actually be cheaper than renting a party bus. One reason this could be the case is because you are able to provide all of the necessary equipment yourself. This would include entertainment such as karaoke machines, speakers and even a liquor cabinet. Of course you will have to take into account how many people you want the vehicle to transport, the distance the bus needs to travel and the average weight of the group traveling together. For some groups the limo bus can end up costing them more due to the additional amenities it offers.

You could save a significant amount of money on your party bus rentals by hiring it in advance. The majority of party bus providers work on a fairly consistent schedule. As a result you will have an opportunity to make sure the company is not running behind schedule and will present your party with an advance notice on the day and time they are due to depart. In addition many companies offer a discount for parties that are taken care of in advance. If the bus does arrive late you will often receive a bonus on top of your late fee. However it would be wise to make sure the company will honor this discount should you need it.

It might be difficult to determine whether a bus service is worthwhile when compared to driving yourself. While you might think that driving your own bus will cost less it may be far from the truth. Driving your own bus can also put you in a situation where you are forced to use public transportation which can cost more money than if you had simply rented one of the party bus for your event. A bus service provides you with a lot of flexibility that you may not experience driving your own vehicle.

Most importantly it is worth it to consider just how much money you will save on party bus rentals over a rental car. A party bus rental can provide you with a bus that has comfortable seating for everyone, there is plenty of room for dancing and most importantly it leaves you completely covered in terms of any type of accident. On a rental car there is often nothing to cover up and you will be responsible for any damages that may occur during the event. Renting a bus also allows you to fully enjoy all the perks that come along with renting such a vehicle including entertainment, games, and so forth. Bewdley lies on the River Severn, at the gateway of the Wyre Forest national nature reserve making party bus hire very popular.

The price of renting a bus varies according to what exactly you need the bus for as well as the size of the bus. If you are hiring a bus for an outdoor wedding you are going to need something a little bit bigger than if you are having a smaller event. However, regardless of the size of the bus you should always ensure that the company you are renting from offers an excellent return policy. Many companies are honest and have great policies allowing you to return the bus on time and with no problems.